Robin Eubanks

Viewing Education as the Prime Lever for International Social Change: Community Organizing Everywhere

What is 'outcome-based' education?
What is "Inclusive Competitiveness?"
What is the "Acceleration Agenda?"
What is PATHS_Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies
White House Tech Inclusion Summit
White House Tech Inclusion Summit_B
What is the USGCRP 2012-2021 initiative?
What was the Positive School Climate Executive Order?
Belmont Challenge

What is ICT?
What is “Fostering Learning in the Networked World: The Cyberlearning Opportunity and Challenge: A 21st Century Agenda for the National Science Foundation.”

What is Foresight Knowledge?
What is Reform Mathematics?
Planet Under Pressure Conference 2012
2009 World Appreciative Inquiry
AI = Appreciative Inquiry
Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in American Education (report)
Regenerative Society
Capitalism 3.0
Distributive Capitalism
Lumina Diploma Qualifications Profile
Future Earth Alliance
Rescue Mission Planet Earth (children's book about Agenda 21)
Agenda 21

Source documents on the origins of CCSS:
1. 2009 Stimulus Package (the top priority when Obama took office)
2. Executive Summary of the Education part of the Stimulus Package;
3. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act;
4. Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance (US Dept. Ed. Feb. 2013)
5. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation press release

David Cohen was the architect of Common Core
He is now president of the College Board

Michelle Malkin's Series Rotten to the Core

GE contributes $18 million to CCSS

Educational Leadership article U-Turn to Prosperity

Predictive testing - what is it? Is it like Minority Report? Who's worth it and who's not?
Neuropsychological Testing
Kindergarten and 2nd grade teachers performing Neuropsychological tests
Dr. Gary Thompson

Utahn Against Common Core

Truth in American Education